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Q: How do I care for my dishcloths & tea towels? 

A: Dishcloths can be washed in 60º and hung to dry. Tea towels can be washed in 40º

Q: How long do the dishcloths last? 

A: They can last for months and months! Depending on usage and care. Once it gets a little discoloured we use them for a paper towel replacement or as a rag.

Q: Do they get stinky? 

A: No, this is one of the best parts about the dishcloths! Unlike traditional cloths, you can use these for days before they start to smell. Note they need to be rinsed, rung out, and dry properly between uses* 

Q: Are they good for cleaning? 

A: Absolutely! They are great for cleaning counters - hello streak free- and great for cleaning up spills. They can absorb 17 times their weight.

Q: Do you offer wholesale pricing? 

A: Yes! We offer great margins, with low minimum quantities, as well as bulk buying discounts. 

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